What type of skilss should a web developer have?

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What type of skilss should a web developer have?

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Web development usually would require a good graphic designer and a good back end programmer. Sometimes one person may be able to do both, but it is rare to find someone that is both an excellent graphic designer and an excellent coder. Most simple web designs these days would not require heavy graphic design or heavy back end programmer, so for simple website, a graphic designer may be able to complete the job or a coder may be able to do the same.

33% of websites these days are built with the WordPress platform, which provides plenty of pre-built templates to pick from requiring minimal graphic design or minimal back end programming.

A web developer in my opinion, should be someone that knows at minimum some HTML, CSS and have some graphic design skills. They should be able to install WordPress templates and have some familiarity with coding in JavaScript and PHP to be able to edit basic functions.

An advanced web developer should be more knowledgeable in JavaScript and PHP and know several platforms, such as shopping cart software (Magento, OS Commerce, etc) and other Content Management based platforms (Drupel, Jumla, etc).

If someone is looking to build a top of the line site, they should probably not hire one person to do the job. They should either hire a company that has several web developers or hire a graphic designer to do the design of the site and then pass it on to the web developer for coding.

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